chill and inspire

Enjoying life a sip at a Teatime

Have company often? Or maybe you just like to chill out by yourself with a good book? Whichever way you prefer to spend your weekends, you’ll need a carafe or mug that'll keep your favourite beverages at just the right temperature.

Teatime with Thermos® products can only lead to moments of enjoyment and inspiration. Our selected mugs come with strainers so you can brew your favourite teas with ease and convenience, and you can even bring it along with our selected tumblers!.

If you’re in the mood to entertain, our carafes are built to keep hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool for maximum enjoyment by everyone.

I carry inspiration in my Thermos® mug, ready to be served with enlightenment and plenty of relaxation. So, what’s in your Thermos® today?

Light and Compact Design (FFM and TCMK models)
Convenient for use whether you're at home, in the office, or enjoying your tea when on the move.

Leak-proof top opens with lever action (THV models)
Thoughtful elder-friendly design ensures no accidental leakage and scalding even if the Thermos® carafe is toppled.

Easy to Open (FFM models)
An easy to use push and pour stopper lets you pour your drink without removing the stopper.

Wide Mouth
Filling or cleaning is a breeze with the wide mouth design.

Tea Strainer (TCMF and TCMK models)
Brew your loose tea leaves through a built-in strainer and extend the fragrance of tea for longer enjoyment.