health and safety

Ensuring Health and Safety for a Family Friendly Way of Life

Cherish time spent with your family and want to give them the best? We’ve created our Thermos® big size bottles, food jars and carafes for family nights as well as entertaining the extended family. They're big enough to hold favourite refreshments during a family game of cards, and sturdy for all your outings.

My Thermos® bottle contains a proud matriarch’s love and devotion to her family. What's in your Thermos® product today?

Hotter, Colder, Longer
We just want to keep hot food hot and cold ones cold. With Thermos high vacuum insulation, you've got just that. For many hours.

Big Mouth (FFW, FDH and HJC models)
With a wide mouth, the bottle or food jar is large enough to fit ice cubes or solid food, and easy enough to clean.