no more fast food

On-The-Go Nutrition for Busy Bees

In between poring through Excel sheets and power walking to the next meeting, busy bees should not forget about their health. In a food haven like Singapore, it’s too easy to succumb to eating out at the nearest food court, or takeaways that are laden with salt and MSG. A stylish Thermos® lunch tote or food jar will combat this!

Have your favourite meals prepared at home with all the nutritious ingredients you love. Pack it into a Thermos® food jar or lunch tote and you’ll still have a warm meal even by lunchtime! Eat healthier with fresh, healthy snacks and meals while you climb the corporate ladder, or rush from a classroom to another. Busy bees certainly need their nutrition to stay alert and productive.

Hard at work in this bustling city, I carry the comforts of a healthy, home-cooked meal in my Thermos® food jar. So, what’s in your Thermos® product today?

Wide Mouth
Extra wide mouth makes filling, serving from or cleaning easy.

No-Burn, No-Condensation Exterior
High vacuum insulation technology keeps the Thermos® food jar or lunch tote cool to the touch with hot foods or soups and condensation-free with cold foods.

Microwavable Food Tubs (JBC and JBG models)
Just open the lid and microwave the food tubs when you want to reheat your meal before consumption.

Washable Lunch Tote Pouch (JBC and JBG models)
Never have to over stuff your sports bag again, simply sling your Thermos® sports bottle over your shoulder before you leave home.

Portable Cutlery (SK, JBC and JBG models)
Comes with full-size folding stainless steel spoon, compact and insulated stainless steel serving bowl, or chopsticks.