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Fire Red (No. 3521.202.100)


There are few things better in life, than chilling on your balcony with your favourite beverage by your side. Designed by Martin Hauenstein, the Gusto offers a stylish, tasteful visual appearance. Strong, harmonious and compact with a soft transition from the spout to the shiny body. Featuring the easy to clean alfiDur vacuum hard glass liner and a big handle for a perfect feel, the Gusto will match your furnishing styles perfectly with six colours available.

Ideal for serving up drinks both indoors and outdoors, you can take this sleek little number wherever you feel like. Enjoy your downtime, anywhere, with ease and style. Made in Germany.



  • Capacity : 1.0L (Serves 8 cups)
  • Heat Insulation : 12 hours
  • Cold Insulation : 24 hours
  • Dimensions Length × Breadth × Height (approx. cm): 14 x 17.7 x 26.3
  • Colour (Model) : Fire Red (No. 3521.202.100), Apple Green (No. 3521.278.100), Lime (No. 3521.278.100), Aquamarine (No. 3521.253.100), Cool Cassis (No. 3521.242.100) 

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  • Fire Red
  • Cool Cassis

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  • Lime