7 Mood-Boosting Activities to Lift Your Spirits
It is alright to cry, especially when you are overwhelmed with unpleasant emotions that may have been built up for a while. Sometimes you just need a release from the moment. In fact, crying helps to alleviate stress, balances one’s hormones and is a natural human coping mechanism.

6 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes You Can Whip Up at Home

Aug 18, 2020

Health benefits aside, incorporating a vegetarian diet into your every day has also been known to reduce your carbon footprint when you cut out the meat. This practice is coined as ‘environmental vegetarianism’. If you’re looking to start contributing to the cause and become more sustainable, we’ve compiled 6 delicious...

7 Easy Food Swaps for a Healthier Diet

Jul 24, 2020

Thinking of switching to a healthier diet? Go slow by substituting food you want out with a similar ingredient in taste or texture, but of a higher nutritional value. Check out these 7 easy food swaps to start you off!

7 Trending Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternatives You’ll Want to Own

Jul 03, 2020

When it comes to new trends and inventions, the eco-friendly industry is brimming with creative and original products promised to cut down waste, carbon footprint and save energy. Here are 7 trending plastic alternatives you will want to own.

6 Immunity-Boosting Soup Recipes That’ll Make You Love Staying In

May 06, 2020

We are what we eat. For our body to function healthily, we have to consume the right kind of food that’ll supplement the necessary minerals and vitamins. In this case of boosting the immune system, we’ve compiled a list of 6 simple and equally delicious immunity-boosting soup recipes to make...