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8 Gleeful Thermos® Gift Ideas This Christmas!

'Tis the season of giving, and what better way to spread joy than with Thermos® thoughtful gifts for your loved ones? If you're still racking your brains for the perfect present, fear not. Whether you're on a budget or ready to splurge, we've got you covered with eight practical gift options that are sure to bring a smile to someone's face.

1. Sanrio Hello Kitty ‘A Time of Bliss’ One-Push Tumbler 

Featuring Hello Kitty in holographic spectrum-printed poses and 3D spot print ribbons, this tumbler offers a cute and adorable storage option for your favourite beverage. With its sophisticated and muted colour palette, this series is perfect for Hello Kitty lovers of any age. 

Stay hydrated anytime, while taking the time to indulge in self-care! Both compact and leak-proof, this tumbler features an innovative one-push button for easy openings and closings. 

Bring joy to a Hello Kitty fan today: https://bit.ly/JNR-601KT23-Sanrio-Hello-Kitty-A-Time-of-Bliss-Ultra-Light-One-Push-Tumbler-Shopee


2. Shuttle Chef® Thermal Cooker

Looking for a more compact thermal cooker? Our latest Shuttle Chef® is exactly what you need! Its table top petite size features a 1.6L capacity and a 10mm-thick reinforced base to help retain just the right amount of temperature for cooking food. Perfectly sized for singles and young couples! 

Time to put that chef hat on: https://bit.ly/KBB-1602-Shuttle-Chef-Shopee


3. Food Jar

This Food Jar offers a convenient way to pack your meals, save money, and ensure you eat a balanced diet! It’s the ideal holiday present for someone who’s looking to get a headstart on their New Year resolutions, letting them enjoy their homemade meals wherever they go. 

Preserve the freshness of delicious homemade meals: https://bit.ly/JBR500-FoodJar-Shopee


4. Lunch Set

Lightweight, compact, and aesthetically pleasing, this Lunch Set offers a practical and sustainable way to pack home-cooked food like soup, rice and a side dish. Comprising a 200ml Food Jar and two 300ml Bento Boxes, enjoy a balanced meal combination anytime!

Perfect for that upcoming picnic outing: https://bit.ly/JEA-800-Lunch-Set-Shopee


5. Bottle with Cup

Why bring a tumbler and cup separately when we’ve got a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle with a lid that doubles as a cup? The Bottle with Cup also features a wide-open stopper lid for easy pouring of your favourite beverage. Available in Burgundy, Matte Black and Pearl White colours, it’s a superb gift for active individuals who love taking trips out in nature!

Enjoy hot and cold beverages on the go: https://bit.ly/FFM-351-Stainless-Steel-Vacuum-Insulated-Bottle-With-Cup-Shopee


6. Carafe

Can’t get enough of your favourite beverage? With our 1.5L vacuum insulated Carafe, you can enjoy all that delicious temperature for hours on end. Its innovative design also helps to prevent accidental leakages and scalding, while the easy-to-open stopper makes cleaning oh-so easy! For all the homemakers looking for that perfect drinks dispenser – this one’s for them! 

Keep party gatherings fully hydrated: https://bit.ly/THV-1501-Carafe-Shopee


7. Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan

For the culinary enthusiasts in your life, a high-quality frying pan can be a game-changer. The Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan boasts three layers of non-stick coating, making it perfect for whipping up a wide range of dishes. It's food-safe, abrasion-resistant, and is PFOS/PFOA-free. With its durability and even heat distribution, every meal can be a masterpiece.

Take everyday cooking up a notch: https://bit.ly/KFH-series-Deep-Non-Stick-Frying-Pans-Shopee


8. Mug with Handle and Lid

This sleek and elegant stainless steel vacuum-insulated Mug with Handle and Lid keeps beverages hot or cold until your last sip, making it an ideal companion for busy lifestyles. Enjoy cold drinks without exterior condensation, saving your desk from water stains. Hot tea instead? All that delicious warmth will still be available, even after hours of idling. Your WFH/WIO desk setup just got better!

Bag our best-selling Mug today: https://bit.ly/JDG-351C-Mug-with-Handle-and-Lid-Shopee


Thoughtful gift-giving goes a long way

This holiday season, let your gifts speak volumes about your love and appreciation for the special people in your life. With these eight Thermos® gleeful gift ideas, you can cater to every budget while ensuring that each present is as thoughtful as it is delightful. Happy gifting!


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