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5 Ways to Make Life Better in Singapore!

Life in Singapore can get pretty hectic and everyone knows how the combination of work, school and family duties can begin to pile up over time. That’s why stepping back and taking a breather is more than just an effort in relaxation – it’s crucial to mental wellness and maintaining a stress-free disposition. 

To help you achieve that, here are some habits you can cultivate to make your everyday life better and easier:

1. Become a regular at the library

There’s something calming about the peace and serenity that a good library affords. That, and the promise of escape via the countless stories housed within. Places like the Tampines Regional Library or the National Library offer plenty of comfortable seating, relaxing surroundings, and the option to lose yourself in a good book. In other words, you can enjoy a welcome reprieve from the daily grind.

On top of that, they also provide an incredible treasure trove of knowledge, making them the perfect place to expand your horizons, even as you unwind.

2. Take a nature walk at least once a week

Greenery has a natural calming effect on our emotional state, so why not take advantage of nearby parks, gardens and nature trails? Various studies have already proven that taking time to be with nature helps to take the edge off of mental stress and pressure.

An hour’s, or even a 30-minute walk around Botanic Gardens or Gardens by the Bay for instance, can take a lot off your mind and reduce feelings of stress. 

Pack a small meal to go with the 'Make Life Better' Faces Made From Fruits Food Jar and your favourite beverage in the ‘Make Life Better' Optimism One-Push Tumbler, to bring along and sit on a comfortable bench while enjoying both your meal and your view. It’s a simple act which does wonders in turning your day around!

3. Keep a gratitude journal

Instead of focusing on the stressors in your life, you can take a look at your blessings by keeping a gratitude journal. By appreciating what you have instead of what you don’t, it’ll be harder to feel like you’re “missing out” or aren’t doing enough. Don't even worry about making daily entries; weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly entries work just as well, as long as it suits your lifestyle! 

Alternatively, you can also pause and reflect at brief intervals throughout the day. Offer a silent ‘thanks’ for the little things that go right – it’s a small gesture but that feeling of gratitude can have a significantly positive impact on your mood.

4. Try out a new craft or hobby 

Engaging in craft activities that tap into your artistic side can boost mental wellbeing. There are various craft hobbies you can experiment with, like tufting, pottery, painting or soap-making. Explore around and you just might land on your newest hobby. 

Moreover, you will also have the chance to connect and socialise with other like-minded individuals. Learning a new activity AND expanding your social circle at the same time – it’s a win-win!

5. Commit to a firm lights-out time

Lack of sleep can amplify whatever stress you're feeling. One of the easiest ways to practise proper sleep hygiene is by sticking to a fixed bedtime. This helps to ensure that you get enough quality sleep at night, while also blocking out unwanted distractions. 

You can enjoy some ‘me time’ before you turn in by enjoying your favourite non-caffeinated beverage with the 'Make Life Better' Flowers Conversation Mug. With a warm stomach and bed, it’ll be easier to fall (and stay) asleep!

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