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8 iconic Singaporean recipes to celebrate National Day with

Happy Birthday, Singapore! There’s no better way to celebrate National Day than with some delicious food – especially when it’s homemade. Skip the queues and impress your family with any of these 8 iconic local recipes!

Being a melting pot of many cultures, Singapore also enjoys a vibrant food scene where foodies get to sample various cuisines. Here are 8 iconic local recipes that celebrate Singapore's history with food and Singaporeans' affinity for it!

1. Fish head curry 

Even in this tropical climate, the spicy fish head curry still reigns as one of the most popular local fares! A distinct favourite for gatherings, you'd be hard-pressed not to find this on the menu at your nearby hawker centre. In the unlikely event of its absence, rest assured that you can still have it your way from the comfort of your kitchen. Make it happen with a 30cm Thermos® KFH-030D Ultra-Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan – it’s large enough to fit an entire fish head (plus gravy) inside!

Get the full recipe here.

2. Mee siam

This rice vermicelli dish tickles the taste buds with its sweet-yet-spicy flavour. Interested in kicking things up a notch? Try adding fried croutons to the recipe! While it definitely deviates from tradition, the promise of greater enjoyment makes it well worth the effort!

3. Fried carrot cake

Not to be confused with the British confectionery, fried carrot cake is actually a savoury dish enjoyable in either 'black' or 'white' versions – with or without sweet soy sauce. The more spicy-inclined among us tend to take ours with a generous dose of chilli, but there's nothing wrong with having it as-is!

4. Hokkien prawn mee
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While some continue to debate their preference for the ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ versions of Hokkien prawn mee, there is no denying that either version promises a great deal of flavour! Once you're familiar with preparing this at home, you'll never have to worry about dealing with long queues again.

5. Oyster omelette (Orh jian)

As if eggs weren't already tasty enough! Succulent oysters turn this eggy dish into a real flavour bomb, especially with a spoonful of sambal on the side. Having this with rice is practically a complete meal! Whip this up in a snap with the 28cm Thermos® KFH-028D Ultra-Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan  – its three-layer non-stick coating will see your omelette just gliding off the pan. Having a quick-fix dinner will never be a dull-tasting affair again!

Get the full recipe here.

6. Nonya laksa

Anyone who's ever attempted a laksa recipe will tell you the same thing: it's all in the rempah (spice cooking paste). Making your own in the 20cm Thermos® KNA-020S Non-Stick Cooking Pot with Double Pouring Mouths is easy when you follow this recipe. Finish it off by preparing the rest of the ingredients (e.g. bee hoon, bean sprouts, fish cake, etc.) in the 16cm Thermos® KNA-016S Non-Stick Cooking Pot with Double Pouring Mouths and you’re all set!

7. Roti prata

Simple but satisfying – roti prata is one of those dishes that fits in any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper! You can enjoy making (and eating) your own at home using the Thermos®  KFH-series Deep Non-Stick Frying Pans to achieve that same crispiness. The three-layer non-stick coating also means that you won’t have to use as much cooking oil as usual – great news for those looking to cut back on fat intake!

8. Coffee pork ribs

A common sight in most zi char/tze char menus – coffee pork ribs aren't just for the caffeine-obsessed. The use of ground coffee beans lends a smoky touch to the sweet glaze, which combines with juicy and crispy pork ribs to create a finger-licking dish that goes perfectly with plain white rice. No sweat making this with the 26cm Thermos® KFH-026D Ultra-Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan – the three-layer non-stick coating makes cleaning up any leftover sauce or bits a cinch! Here’s the recipe.


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