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Amaze Your Christmas Party Guests With A Truly Festive Dinner!

Nothing gets a party going like a table full of homemade culinary delights! If you're looking to impress your guests at your upcoming Christmas party, here's a menu of festive recipes to get you on your way!

1. Pan-seared Garlic Butter Scallops (Starter)

Seared scallops are a restaurant favourite for good reason – these delicate medallions offer up tonnes of flavour and really get the appetite going. Combine them with garlic butter and you’ve got an appetiser that your guests won’t be able to have enough of! Get the full recipe here.

With the 24cm Thermos® KFH-024 Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect sear on these scallops without having to worry about it sticking to the pan. Rushing is a common mistake with this recipe – be patient and give the scallops time to cook.

2. Creamy Mussels Stew (Starter)

What’s better than delicious, succulent mussels? The same, just slathered in a creamy stew! Don’t let their restaurant fare background intimidate you – they’re actually pretty simple to prepare (especially when you’ve got something like the 20cm Thermos® KFH-020D Ultra-Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan to help you). The best part about this recipe is that you can fine-tune the taste to your liking – add more mirin to create a sweeter stew, or cream if things get too salty. 

3. Coq Au Vin (Main)

This dish is great for larger gatherings and easily feeds 4 to 6 people (using a larger chicken certainly helps). Instead of an oven, the 24cm Thermos® KFH-024 Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan and Shuttle Chef® are the main tools for preparing this entrée. And it’s a good thing too – the Shuttle Chef® uses vacuum insulation technology to help lock in all that heat, making the entire cooking process more energy-efficient and nutritious too!

Here’s the recipe to get you started!

4. Pan-seared Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin (Main)

Would you like to know the secret to an amazing beef tenderloin? It’s all in the marinade. Lucky for you, we’ve got the recipe all sorted out for you! You won’t have to worry about any sticking; the three-layer non-stick coating of the 24cm Thermos® KFH-024 Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan will allow the seared beef to lift right off! 

5. French Dessert Crepes (Dessert)

Crepes can be prepared either savoury or sweet – the latter makes them the perfect dessert choice! Taking advantage of the wider cooking surface of the 28cm Thermos® KFH-028 Deep Non-Stick Frying Pan provides ample space to spread the crepe batter and makes it easier to fold them after they’re cooked. Want to have more fun with it? Set up a small toppings station and invite your guests to personalise their crepes!  

Batter up with this recipe!

6. No-Bake Cheesecake (Dessert)

Everyone loves a good cheesecake, but not everyone loves the process of baking. For those who loathe operating an oven: this one’s for you! This No-Bake Cheesecake recipe checks all the boxes and can be easily prepared with a Shuttle Chef®. Be sure to crush the crackers as finely as you can – you wouldn’t want the crust to get lumpy! 

7. Red Sangria (Drinks)

Nothing makes a dinner more festive than a splash of crimson. Red Sangria is a fun wine-based cocktail that incorporates brandy and various fruits. It’s sort of like a fruit punch, but more fun! In the event of leftovers, Red Sangria can be refrigerated for up to 5 days, so no need to worry about finishing the entire batch! This recipe is based around the 3.0L Shuttle Chef® but you can always adjust the amount up or down depending on the capacity of the inner pot.

8. Crimson Christmas Punch (Drinks)

For those who prefer a drink that’s not as stiff as Sangria, there’s no denying the appeal of a good ol’ fashioned fruit punch! By mixing the variety of juices in the Shuttle Chef® and storing it there, you’ll be able to keep it deliciously chilled all the way through your party. Do remember to keep a steady hand when you’re mixing in the ginger ale – doing it slowly will allow you to retain as much fizz as possible and give your fruit punch a nice little ‘zip’!

Of course, there’s more to hosting a successful Christmas dinner than just the food! Take the time to get the ambience right – experiment with decorations, curate the right music playlist, stock some simple party games for post-dinner entertainment. At least when it comes to the food and drinks, we’ve got you covered here!

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