alfi Clean Tabs


Want to know how to clean your carafe quickly and effectively? The alfi® clean tab does the job! It gently cleans and removes stubborn stains for you.

Suitable for glass and metal, and ideal for vacuum carafes and thermal products.

Daily washing of the carafe with gentle dishwash and soft sponge is essential. It is recommended to thoroughly clean your carafe with the alfi® clean tab, after 3 months. (based on daily use).

1. Place 1 clean tab into the carafe and fill it with boiling hot water (min. 80oC).
2. Let it sit aside for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not close the carafe with stopper or lid.
3. Discard water contents and rinse it with clean water thoroughly with a soft sponge.

Quantity: 20 tabs per box

This accessory may not be available with stocks at department stores. To purchase, please email the accessory name/model and quantity to More details will be provided thereafter.