Head to These Insta-Worthy Cafes in Singapore

Singapore is known for its vibrant culture and eclectic mix of old and new. It’s also considered one of the hippest countries in Asia for its modern architecture and image-conscious vibes! If you’re one of the many people who love good-looking spaces, then don’t miss visiting these Insta-worthy cafes around Singapore.

1. Ratio Cafe & Lounge
Ratio Cafe Lounge
Photo Credit: Ratio Cafe & Lounge 

Would you trust a robot to make your cup of coffee? You sure will at Ratio Cafe & Lounge, the first robotic cafe and lounge in the world! Order anything from the classic long black to the more adventurous coconut cold brew latte and get your camera at the ready to capture it all being made by a robot!

2. Café Monochrome
Cafe Monochrome
Photo Credit: Cafe Monochrome 

This cafe is straight out of the pages of a comic book with its black and white sketch concept that’ll make you feel like you’re dining inside an illustration. Cafe Monochrome has an Asian-Western menu and specialty coffee to enjoy.

3. Wildseed at the Summerhouse
Wildseed at the Summerhouse2
Photo Credit: Wildseed at The Summerhouse 

Featuring a farmhouse concept, Wildseed at the Summerhouse has everything you’ll ever want in countryside living—from its beautiful interiors to its delicious food and coffee. The colours of each dish are not the only Instagrammable part of this cafe, but the green space too, offering the chance to snap your coffee with a gorgeous backdrop.

4. Sweetea Caffe
Sweetea Caffe
Photo Credit: Sweetea Caffe

Located in Chinatown, Sweetea Caffe has that rustic look that lets you take photos of those urban vibes we know so well, all while sipping your favourite cup of tea.

The cafe even has a high tea set where you get to enjoy some mini muffins, a slice of cake, a chocolate Danish and some raising swirls paired with a pot of hot tea.

5. Cafe Kreams
Cafe Kreams
Photo Credit: Cafe Kreams

Boasting freshly roasted coffee beans in its own shop, Cafe Kreams offers some of the best coffee concoctions in Singapore.

From the classic Mellow Dawn that features a medium dark blend, to the more adventurous Luscious City that has chocolatey, berry and nutty notes, this cafe is perfect for anyone in need of a caffeine fix in an amazing environment that brings you the outdoors, indoors. Sit underneath the leafy browns, golds and greens to give you that seasonal feel, and don’t forget to capture it to share with friends on your social feed. Bring along your Thermos® mug to limit your environmental footprint.

6. Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood Co.
Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood
Photo Credit: Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood Co

Do you fancy yourself a smoothie bowl or just want to enjoy good coffee? Whatever your cravings are, you’ll find them at Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood Co. This cafe not only makes some of the best specialty coffees, but also creates yoghurt and smoothie bowls that are works of art for your next Instagram pic.

7. Mrs. Pho
Mrs. Pho
Photo Credit: Mrs. Pho

Mrs. Pho isn’t exactly a cafe but a restaurant that has some really good Viet drip coffees on its menu. With five locations all over Singapore, Mrs. Pho is a well-loved place for its family-oriented vibe and a menu filled with popular Vietnamese food like Pho, spring rolls, salads and pork belly. Mrs. Pho’s decor gives an authenticity and heritage that matches its dishes, which will come out in the photos you take, encouraging friends and family to try it too.

You should also try its special iced Viet drip coffee which you can put in your Thermos® Tumbler to takeaway.


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