7 Smart Tricks to Living the Go-Green Lifestyle with the Family

In celebration of Earth Hour and to honour the planet we call our home, let’s do our part to reuse, reduce, recycle or even upcycle! This article gives 7 tricks to live a greener lifestyle, including reusing your Thermos® product’s colour boxes or repurposing the brown packaging paper that comes with the ‘Go Green’ series

1. Make your own stamps with recycled materials

Photo Credit: alittlelearningfortwo.blogspot.com

Stamping is a great activity for children because it allows them to get creative by decorating scrapbooks, producing artwork or just about anything they can imagine.

But you don’t have to spend a lot on those expensive stamp sets because you can make your own using reused bottle tops, foam shapes, ink pads and glue. Check out the steps to this simple arts and crafts activity here.

2. Repurpose old magazines, catalogues and flyers into art

Photo Credit: Suzyzzitcom.com

Do you have a stack of old magazines, shopping catalogues or flyers at home? Turn them into artistic masterpieces with your own paper craft project. Just draw a design, glue magazine paper strips, add a personal touch to your work and put it in a frame.

You’ll be surprised at how amazing your artwork looks when combining all the colours in the magazine. Here are the complete steps.

3. Reuse your Cardboard Boxes

Photo Credit: hgtv.com

Instead of throwing out the boxes that contained your Thermos® product, repurpose the box by wrapping it in cute paper, old magazines and store stationery or other trinkets that you want to keep organised.

Here’s a step by step guide you can follow. P.S. Simply replace the cereal cartons within this guide with the Thermos® product boxes!

4. Repurpose the ‘Go-Green’ Series Brown Packaging Paper


Aside from product boxes, you can also repurpose those brown packaging papers that are in our ‘Go Green’ series. This wrapping paper is perfect for use as a gift wrapper for presents! Here are some gift wrapping ideas for inspiration.

5. Make your own eco-friendly patchwork quilt

Photo Credit: Babylock.com 

Whether you have a lot of old t-shirts, jeans or other clothing items, give them new life by creating your own patchwork quilt. All you need are some old clothes, a reliable sewing machine and a backing fabric to sew on your t-shirts.

This simple craft is especially great for memorable items of clothing that you can put together and serve as memorabilia as well as a blanket. Find out how to create your own patchwork quilt here.

6. Create wind chimes

Photo Credit: Handsonaswegrow.com

If you’ve always wanted to have a wind chime in your home, you can turn it into a craft project for the entire family by reusing bottle tops and tin cans.

You can be as creative as you want with this one by making use of materials around you. Hang your finished work on your porch and enjoy the sound of these wind chimes every day. Learn how to master this fun activity here.

7. Turn your old t-shirts into hanging planters

Photo Credit: Abeautifulmess.com 

Do you have old t-shirts lying around that you never wear anymore? Turn them into your own hanging planters for displaying your favourite flowers. Check out how to create this clever idea here.

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