7 Trending Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternatives You’ll Want to Own

When it comes to new trends and inventions, the eco-friendly industry is brimming with creative and original products promised to cut down waste, carbon footprint and save energy. Here are 7 trending plastic alternatives you will want to own.

1. Mesh Produce Bags


Been to a supermarket and been using the translucent plastic baggies to temporarily store your fresh produce? Well, that plastic waste adds up with every grocery trip you make. Make your grocery run an even more eco-friendly experience by bringing your own mesh produce bags instead. The mesh bags are lightweight (won’t incur any additional charges at the produce weighing station), are reusable (can be washed easily), extremely durable, and are super inexpensive. You’ll get extra green points if you ever need a showoff moment on your social media platforms too! You can find them readily available in trusted online platforms, and here’s one.

2. Non-Plastic Straws


Having been around for a while, the concept and issues relating to the consumption of plastic straws have seen drastic changes from a corporate standpoint to an individual’s lifestyle. Global brands like Starbucks and KFC have opted out of providing plastic straws and thus leading to the rise of more eco-friendly alternatives such as metal, bamboo, silicone and glass straws. If you’re still mulling over which material to purchase, find out which one suits you best in this article here!

3. Reusable Food Wraps

Photo Credit: theartfaculty.sg

Reusable beeswax food wraps are making waves in the eco-friendly scene - and for good reasons! They are biodegradable due to the use of natural materials (cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil), and are very sturdy and washable. The wraps can be used to cover a half-eaten dish in a bowl or act as a storage wrap for snacks. However, do note that beeswax food wraps are not airtight, therefore not suitable for perishable food like meat or pungent food like cheese. It’s also not advised to expose the reusable wrap to hot temperatures as the wax will melt. 

Get these beeswax food wraps from The Art Faculty that comes in 10 designs made by differently-abled artists. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can DIY your reusable beeswax food wrap here

4. Compostable Cutleries


If ever there’s an absolute need for perishable items, pick compostable ones! For events like a house party or outdoor picnic, replace single-use plastic cutlery with compostable cutlery instead. They are mostly 100% biodegradable, often made of natural materials like cornhusks, and will provide added benefit to the environment when fully composted back into the earth (for example, a nutrient source for plant growth). Plus, they are super stylish and will imprint a cool factor on you as the host, so why not? Just be sure to not dispose of your compostable products into any recycling bin as it will contaminate the recycling process.

Find more information on how you can make a compost bin here

5. Compostable Garbage Bags


Be it using a plastic grocery bag from the supermarket or the industrial black garbage bags used in public trash bins, trash bags are heavily utilised by everyone. Take this chance to be more eco-conscious and trade the plastic garbage bags for compostable options available online like the Telobag. It is plant-based with no man-made materials present, zero waste when incinerated (no toxic fumes too!), biodegradable in 180 days and is safe even when wildlife ingests it by accident.

6. Bamboo Toothbrush


Toothbrushes are essential for oral hygiene. By swapping out the commonly-known plastic toothbrushes for the biodegradable bamboo option, we further play our part in reducing the ecological footprint in the world. You can also use the bamboo handles as materials for your homemade compost bin, but remember to remove the nylon bristles first. Most bamboo toothbrush manufacturers will also utilise BPA-free nylon bristles to reduce the impact on one’s health.

7. Heat-Retaining Food Containers


Instead of using the flimsy disposable plastic containers or single-use plastic bottles, opt for a sturdy reusable one instead. You can get a regular one with no fancy designs, a foldable one, or a heat-retaining (vacuum-insulated) one like the Food Jar, Thermos® Shuttle Chef® and Tumbler. The heat-retaining feature allows you to dabao food and drinks from home in the morning and still have it warm during lunchtimes. You’ll also save the need to microwave and heat your food! 

If you love colourful prints, check out the 3 local designs on the Blossom with Birds One-Push Tumbler, Protect the Sea Tumbler Cup with Lid and Join in the Movement Food Jar from our ‘Go Green’ collaboration series with Band of Doodlers!

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