8 Nostalgic Singapore Landmarks That Take You Down Memory Lane

Singapore has some famous and not-so-famous nostalgic landmarks that many of us know from our childhood days. To take a trip down memory lane it’s a good idea to visit these landmarks (or their new locations) and explore how they look today. And while you’re there, don’t forget to take some pics! Here's our list of eight nostalgic landmarks in Singapore.

1. Dragon, Pelican and Watermelon Playgrounds
Photo Credit: Wanderfoolife

Locally referred to as the 'dragon', 'pelican' and 'watermelon' playgrounds, these playtime hotspots were part of a then-newly formed HDB's initiative to revamp Singapore's housing estates. Still located at their original locations (Toa Payoh, Dover and Tampines, respectively), the colourful shapes and tiled construction of these retro spots will give you the perfect backdrop for quirky pics.

2. Old School Kopitiam
Photo Credit: Sethlui

Transport yourself back to the old days when you enter Colbar (short for Colonial Bar) – a former (unofficial) British army canteen that became known for serving cheap yet flavourful Western-style kopitiam dishes. Driving into Whitechurch Road, you’ll see a rustic shophouse that leads into a dining area with an 80s vibe. As you walk through the solid timber swing doors, you will feel as though you’re walking into the past. Enjoy!

3. Wild Wild Wet and Fantasy Island
Photo Credit: Little Day Out

Water parks have always been huge draws, though the names Wild Wild Wet and Fantasy Island will always occupy a special place in the hearts of those born in the 80s and early 90s. From the white knuckle tunnel drops to the soothing lazy river, there’s always something for everyone. And what better way to recapture that feeling of all-around family fun than by spending the day there with your loved ones? Don’t forget to bring your One-Push Tumbler to stay hydrated!

4. Farmyard Trips
Photo Credit: Little Day Out

Field trips to the farm were a big part of the primary school experience for two reasons: you got to visit a real farm and spend a day outside of the classroom! Visiting farms like Hay Dairies and Kin Yan are a great way to relive your primary school days but this time with your family and loved ones. Also, these farms allow public visits that promise to be both educational and entertaining, which is great!. You're bound to feel a bit peckish after all that walking though, so don't forget to pack some yummy snacks to go in your Food Jar.

5. Fishing
Photo Credit: Singapore Motherhood

In the past, entire families would plan trips to fish farms to do what is known as 'long kang' fishing, where people would wait alongside canals and streams while attempting to net fish. It's a little less popular these days, but still just as much fun! Be it reliving a part of your childhood or experiencing it for the first time, a weekend at the fish farm is sure to create photo opportunities!

6. Jurong Bird Park
Photo Credit: Local Insider

Many of us have our share of fond memories of Jurong Bird Park, along with the Zoological Gardens and Night Safari, with the avian reserve being home to approximately 400 bird species and countless family gatherings. Jurong Bird Park has recently opened to the public at its new location in Mandai, so now's the perfect time to make that trip down (with a Tumbler in tow for when you get thirsty, of course).

7. Golden Mile Complex
Photo Credit: Channel News Asia

Most of us can spot Golden Mile Complex immediately from its unique architecture. Having grown up with it as a regular fixture throughout our childhoods, it’s a great spot to walk down memory lane and explore the huge structure once more. It’s a really great place to hunt for a photo opportunity that's a little different too, so be sure to pop along for the visit!

8. Changi Village
Photo Credit: Visit Singapore

Changi Village was THE perennial hot spot of the early 80s for several reasons, most of it being food-related (this is Singapore, after all). Lunchtime at the hawker centres was pure bedlam with huge crowds. If not for the food, then consider experiencing Changi Village's laid-back suburban vibe first-hand, while kicking back with a tasty beverage ordered to go in your Sports Bottle.

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