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Like any other festive bites packaged in a ribboned plastic gift bag, homemade Christmas treats are essential to keeping the holiday vibes going and the recipients of the gifts feeling loved. But instead of the same ol’ overdone sugar cookies that he or she is bound to receive, we recommend these 6 yummy homemade edible gifts that can be prepared under 40 minutes. 

1. Chocolate-Pistachios Orange Slices

Photo Credits: Womans Day

Ready in: 10 minutes

To start, you will need dried orange slices, melted white chocolate and crushed pistachios. You can opt to pre-sweeten your orange slices with coconut sugar before baking them in the oven to dry. The drying process can take up to a few hours (depending on personal preference), so it’s best to prepare beforehand. Either that or you can buy them off the shelves. Then, dip into the white chocolate and sprinkle crushed pistachios to finish. Yum! 

2. Christmas Jam

Photo Credits: afamilyfeast

Ready in: 15 minutes

No cookies? How about a jar of homemade Christmas Jam then? This recipe uses simple ingredients found in most supermarkets (frozen or fresh strawberries and cranberries) while being able to be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, meaning that you can prepare weeks ahead before the actual gifting day! Add lemon zest for a punchier taste and double it with another gift that'll keep the irresistible treat fresh with Thermos® Food Jar.

3. Hot Chocolate Spoons

Photo Credits: Fork and Beans 

Ready in: 15 mins

Who doesn’t love a two-in-one Christmas snack? This versatile chocolate spoon recipe can be consumed in its solid form as a chocolate bar or as a drink when stirred into a cup of hot water. It even allows you to add marshmallows (think rocky road drink), confectionery sprinkles, shimmery nonpareils and more during the freezing process to deck up the dessert’s appeal. Our advice? Opt for reusable metal spoons with fancy designs to be eco-friendly while amplifying the colourful, joyous spirit of Christmas!

4. Lightsaber Pretzels

Photo Credits: Food.com 

Ready in: 20 minutes

Quick, fuss-free and straightforward - all you have to prepare is melted white chocolate in different food dyes before dipping the pretzel sticks into the chocolatey sauce. Then, leave it out for the chocolate to harden and you’ll have your homemade lightsaber pretzels ready! Tip: The nicely-timed movie release of Star Wars this December will get your family the street cred for making the coolest Christmas treat amongst the neighbourhood. 

5. Rocky Road

Photo Credits: BBC Good Food 

Ready in: 20 minutes 

Nothing like the classic Rocky Road with a personal reinterpretation. This no-bake recipe can be remade into variations that reflects your personality! For the health buffs, try replacing marshmallows with healthier choices like dates or dried fruits! And if walnuts aren’t up your alley, substitute it with different seeds and nuts of your liking. Even better, add a pinch of grounded nutmeg or cinnamon for spiced Rocky Road. The possibilities are endless!

6. Strawberry Santa Hats

Photo Credits: Hy Vee

Ready in: 30 minutes 

The perfect recipe when you’re running out of time, the Strawberry Santa Hats are adorable and easy to make - especially when you have 50% of the recipe pre-done with Reese's peanut butter cups available in most grocery stores. Just prep the strawberry and frosting on the cups and it’ll be ready to serve! Of course, you can also opt to make your peanut butter cup with this recipe

7. Candied Popcorn Stars

Photo Credits: Country Living 

Ready in: 40 minutes

Candied Popcorn Stars are a step-up to Rice Krispies treats but instead of cereal, the recipe uses popcorn for a healthier option. If you ask us, we'll say take it even further! Substitute the ingredients such as sugar with honey, nonpareils with candied seeds, and gummies with dried fruits. Not even the festive season can break your friends' (or your) commitment to a healthier 2020! 

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