7 Food and Drinks from the 90s to Bring Back Those Childhood Days

Spending your childhood in Singapore during the golden 90s era was all about playing outdoors, having fun with friends and of course, trying different foods and drinks. Bring back the nostalgia with these 7 recipes that will surely take you back to your childhood days:

1. Putu mayam
Photo Credit: What To Cook Today

You can’t be a child in Singapore and not enjoy putu mayam, a local snack that’s loved by children and adults alike.

A lot of Singaporean mums know this simple recipe that uses only 4 ingredients and doesn’t require cooking. Learn how to make your own putu mayam here.

2. Herbal tea eggs

You probably remember coming home to mum making a batch of these herbal tea eggs, and now you can make them yourself following this very easy recipe using the Thermos® Shuttle Chef®.

You can also store your leftovers in the Thermos® Food Jar to keep them fresh for enjoying later.

3. Tutu kueh
Photo Credit: Ellenaguan

This very popular offering during the 90s doesn’t need to be sourced from outside. Why not instead make your own Kueh tutu by following this simple recipe using local ingredients found at your local market. It’s just as delicious and comes with the extra pride of making it yourself!

4. Ice cream

Who didn’t love ice cream in their childhood anyway? This mango coconut ice cream is a tribute to the local flavours of Singapore, and you can even take the nostalgia up a notch by bringing your ice cream to the void deck where that old uncle used to sell the ice cream that you loved as a child.

5. Peanut pancakes
Photo Credit: Nonna Box

No Singaporean childhood would be complete without Mee Jian Kuih, usually served by mums for breakfast on Sundays or as a snack.

This recipe is a simple take on the classic peanut pancake that you can now serve to your own family. Just make sure to keep your Thermos® One Push Tumbler nearby for when you get thirsty because of the dryness of the peanuts.

6. Birthday mee sua
Photo Credit: Noob Cook

You can’t celebrate a birthday in Singapore without the classic birthday mee sua on the table. So, if you’re celebrating your—or a loved one’s—birthday soon, why not surprise everyone with your own take on the classic noodle dish? Use the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® to make your preparation easier; replace the soup’s simmering process with at least 2 hours in the Shuttle Chef® outer pot.

7. Root beer float
Photo Credit: Sugar and Soul

Completing this list of nostalgic Singaporean food and drinks is the all-time favourite root beer float. Did you enjoy drinking A&W’s root beer float back in the 90s?

You can bring back those memories by creating your own root beer float at home, perfect for when you have guests over or even just a weekend treat for the family. Here’s a simple recipe that you can follow for this drink.

What are you waiting for? Whip up something today and let it bring you once again to the wonderful childhood you had during the ‘90s!

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