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7 Recipes Perfect for Your Thermos® Shuttle Chef®

Now that we are staying home more often, cooking has become more relevant than ever. It’s healthier, and most of us can benefit from learning how to cook for ourselves and the family. If you’re new to the culinary world, fret not! Here are 7 easy recipes you can cook with a Thermos® Shuttle Chef®.

1. Sesame Mushroom and Chicken Rice


If you love the umami flavour, you’ll love the sesame mushroom and chicken rice recipe. The continual cooking process in the Thermos® Shuttle Chef® allows the ingredients to release, absorb and fuse the flavours, making every mouthful an enjoyable experience. You can also switch out the ingredients to suit your tastebud like chicken with pork ribs or mushroom with broccoli. 

2. Minced Meat Macaroni


Simple, fuss-free and popular among the younger generation, make this minced meat macaroni if you have younger siblings or children at home. You can opt for the readily-available canned tomato sauce for this dish, but self-making your own would be our recommendation. You can customise the recipe by squeezing in some lemon juice to amp up the tanginess, add some cayenne pepper for spice or keep the onions chunky for crunch. Find the tomato recipe here! 

3. Shao Xing Wine Chicken Pot


Tender chicken meat stewed in aromatics such as Shao Xing Wine, ginger, garlic and shallot - doesn’t that just sound so appetising? This delicacy originates from the Shanghainese cuisine, and have always been a crowd favourite in Chinese restaurants. The preparation isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is crucial to get the right amount of spices versus the wine. This dish can also be served as an appetizer or a snack. Try making yours with this recipe!

4. Braised Duck with Plum Sauce 


A Hakka Chinese classic dish, this sweet and sour braised duck with plum sauce dish is often only served during special occasions like a wedding or for celebrating Chinese New Year, but now you can cook it at home! Simmer it in the Shuttle Chef® for at least 2 hours to allow the plum flavours to infuse into the duck and soften the meat. Serve it with a bowl of rice and enjoy!  

5. Black Bean Peanut Soup With Lotus Root


Imagine having this hearty soup with a bowl of rice when the weather is slightly colder or raining outside. Clean flavours with healthy ingredients like black beans, peanuts and red dates make this recipe the go-to when you’re preoccupied with other work. The other ingredients are also easy to get and the cooking processes are very simple with this black bean peanut soup with lotus root recipe.

6. Seafood Porridge Hot Pot Soup


We love us some seafood, especially when it’s cooked together in a soupy porridge mix where the delicious flavours of crabs, prawns, clams, and more infuse and is simmered to a rich, creamy stock. Just be sure to add some ginger slices or pepper to remove the fishy taste, and to serve it hot! Get the recipe here.  

7. Bubur Hitam Black Glutinous Rice


We can’t leave out dessert in this list - not when it comes to Bubur Hitam black glutinous rice! This sweet, wholesome dessert is a well-known local dish and is mostly served hot with a dash of coconut milk or ginger syrup to give it a more robust flavour. The key thing to note is the consistency of the glutinous rice, and that it shouldn’t be too tough or watery. Try making one yourself today!

Find more recipes for your Thermos® Shuttle Chef® here!

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